Current Projects


Amendment Loteria

This project is an illustration of the 27 amendments in the United States Constitution in the style of Mexican bingo, Loteria. This project is done in gouache on Bristol paper.


Stockman Graphics

These graphics were created for the ILLUME Five Year Magazine to highlight the researchers. They were designed in style of Lily Stockman’s, my former painting professor, work.


Potato Tacos and the Morenci Mine

In collaboration with Bridget Johnson, this project is a multi-medium exportation of our family and Mexican-Americans in the United States. We used animation, motion-graphics, hand painted illustrations, and a large-scale installation to tell these stories through six short films.

Scan copy (1).jpg

100 Days of Self-Portraits

My second 100 Day Project explored self portraits. Through watercolor, gouache, Adobe Illustrator, ink, and textiles I created a self-portrait every day.